Triphala is traditionally used as a bowel tonic. It’s frequently prescribed as a mild laxative. But while its laxative qualities are broadly known, the other benefits of this herb are maybe even more noteworthy.

You can take a look at its contents and their effects on doshic balance, to understand Triphala’s impact. The name Triphala means “the three fruits” and it’s included of bibhitaki, haritaki, and the Indian fruits amalaki.

Amalaki (emblica officinalis) is an Ayurvedic prize in itself and extensively used. It’s for balancing Pitta especially effective while suitable for all doshas.

Haritaki (terminalia chebula) is known as the Tibetan “king of medicine.” Many characterizations of the healing Buddha reveal him expanding some of this fruit signifying its longstanding medicinal custom in Asia. It’s considered to have a variety of positive health effects on the heart and brain. It’s an anti-inflammatory and is still to Vata.

Bibhitaki (terminalia belerica) is another powerful ancient rejuvenator with detoxifying qualities on the blood, muscles, and fatty tissue of the body. Bibhitaki is also not bad for quality bone formation and is really useful with conditions involving excess mucous in the system.


As you can see, each element of Triphala is valuable to an unique, corresponding piece of the tri-dosha encounter that is you. The largest impact could very well be the health benefits as they relate to digestion. This mixture supports balanced, full elimination, by pulling on stagnated Ama or hazardous deposits from the digestive tract and increasing the colon’s absorption functions.

The colon is viewed as the seat of Vata, so medicine that helps the function of the colon is favorable to general Vata disorders. Several bowel disorders start out as Vata imbalances, even if later fueled by Pitta or Kapha problems. Triphala’s balancing effect on the “wind” of your digestive tract can not only get things moving but also help your bowels locate the appropriate rate for best absorption.

Fundamentally, Triphala promotes digestive regularity. The importance of this cannot be understated, particularly for those who suffer from unusual elimination and other types of bowel disorder.

Dosha Balance

Triphala may also be used for dosha balancing. This is as a result of its relationship with your ability and your Rasa Dhatu, or plasma. In Ayurveda, the sense of taste is considered divine by nature. The information carried by your tongue is more complex and multilayered than merely the literal flavor of the food itself.

This is also the word for plasma in addition to emotions or mood. Like many other Sanskrit terms, this connection of using the same word for taste, plasma, and emotions carries a more profound significance. Since your plasma cells are the first of the body to be nourished as a food digests, the plasma holds all six tastes within it. The quality of the plasma in your body directly affects your ability to taste. In order to have wholesome, nourishing plasma you must try to get a steady supply of all six tastes.

Triphala includes these tastes:






When you take it —a half-teaspoon in powdered type—you’ll experience a flavor that is different every time. With this advice you can better plan meals and integrate the appropriate tastes in your diet for your balance that is best. Notice you will very rarely taste sweet —but if and when you do— it’s time to discontinue using Triphala.

Flavor as a Psychological Barometer

It’s possible for you to use your ability to taste as a tool to balance not only your emotional life but also your physical body. There’s no separation between your physical body and your thoughts. While these signs are biological in nature, the psychology of taste should be considered, also.

Since Triphala is essentially clueing you in on a deficiency in your diet, you may exhibit this lack in your emotional or mental life as well. For instance, a bitter flavor may mean that it’s time discipline your life in certain ways and to draw on your head inward. A pungent taste from Triphala may mean that there’s room for energy or more excitement in your life.

Below is a list of the six flavors and their corresponding emotions. Also be sure to note whether these flavors are showing up in a balanced or imbalanced type in your life.

Taste Balanced Out of Balance

Sweet Nurturing Cloying

Sour Stimulating Caustic

Salty Earthy Hedonistic

Pungent Passionate Hostile

Bitter Disciplined Resentful

Astringent Witty Cynical

Common side effects of Triphala comprise runny or loose stools and stomach cramping. Yet, like most herbal treatments, side effects that are negative are generally caused by misinformed or improper use.

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Are you suffering from hair loss then you will like what this article has to offer. Hair loss has many causes but a large portion of it is caused by a weakened immune system

And so in this article I want to introduce to you a herb called Ashwagandha which does the following for you: it makes you feel younger, stronger, and healthier. It also stops stress, increases energy levels and will help regrow hair back

Ashwagandha is so powerful it has been used in India for ages to sure immune related disease. But how can this herb help stop hair loss and promote hair growth?

Well you see hair growth requires that your body be healthy inside and outside. The problem is most of us are not as healthy as we should be and this reflects on our hair. The fact is that the healthier your immune system is the healthier your hair will be. That is why it is crucial to not only to take care of your mane externally by conditioning it with a herbal hair oil but also to take measures like eating right, exercise right and supplementing correctly to help grow healthy hair. If you are suffering from dry brittle hair or hair loss chances are that you have clogged hair pores and second your immune system might not be up to par. Using a herbal arjuvedic hair oil will take care of the clogged pores but to help your tresses grow internally you need to take other measures

In my opinion the best remedy is Ashwaganda because there is nothing like it for acting as a natural immune booster. Ashwaganda s a herb and ancient immune boosting remedy is nor new. In fact it has been used in arjuveda for some 4000 years to help people live longer, feel younger, have more energy, grow healthy hair and stop stress. Yes arjuveda had this in place eons ago and thanks to science you can now try it as well- it is available I most health food stores

You can get longer thicker hair and a host of other benefits by using Ashwagandha which has been called “natures miracle preventive medicine”…best part It is all natural and safe to use and can be used by kids, adults and elderly people alike

Now why is having a powerful immune system necessary to help hair grow and stop hair loss? You see your immune system is crucial in the hair growth process. Your Immune system is what allows healthy body function to occur. So if your immune system is compromised you will begin to get sick, lose hair and have a host of problems too long to mention. So it is crucial to take Ashwaganda as part of your daily health and hair care routine. When you see what this herb does you would be quite foolish not to take it.

For best results take it every day and you need to make sure you find a pure source, most of the herb found in stores are cheaply priced and contain the poor diluted version of the herb. Fact is, the inferior version of Ashwaganda can be found in stores and they are often filled with North American ginseng which pales in potency when compared to Indian ginseng or Ashwaganda.

Here is a sample of what this amazing herb can do for you. Over 300 independent studies and a 4000 year old history that proves it will; Boost your immune system, Suppress and prevent arthritis, make you feel and look younger, proven to prevent to minimize cancer growing cells, allow you to build muscle and strength faster. It is indeed a tonic of youth and can boost sexual performance as well as preventive diabetes and high blood pressure.

And there you have it a proven way to boost your immune system and help stop hair loss

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“The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects.” • Shubhra Krishan, Author of Essential Ayurveda This well-said quote is warmly accepted by people in India who wish to gain the benefits of Ayurveda. An ancient medicinal form, Ayurveda was developed during the Vedic times about 5000 years ago. Ayurveda-An Insight The word Ayurveda basically consists of two words; Ayur and Veda. ‘Ayur’ stands for life, while ‘Veda’ suggests science. It literally means the ‘science of life’. It is not a medicinal system; it is much more than that. It won’t be wrong to call Ayurveda a way of life. The Science of Healing Unlike other medicinal systems, this age-old system deals with physical, mental and spiritual health. Governed by the laws of nature, Ayurveda suggests that health can be acquired by establishing a perfect harmony among mind, body and soul. According to this old science of healing, our body is made of five elements-earth, water, fire, space and air. Three biological humors govern the functional aspects of any individual’s body. Ayurveda medicines are prepared using traditional process at home with little mechanization, which is used for large-scale production. This way, the therapeutics contains the active principles in natural forms, which heal the patients from within. While prescribing Ayurvedic treatment to a person, the physical, mental and emotional well-being is also considered. The Ayruvedic medicines usually come in the form of powder, decoctions, tablets and medicated oils, prepared using natural herbs, minerals and plants.
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